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Multi axis automation vers-o-weld-25

Multi axis automation vers-o-weld-25


This is our fully automatic surfacing/welding system. This system is highly configurable to accomplish nearly any flat or cylindrical welding need. Capable of open arc, gas shielded, sub‐arc, plate overlay, carbide dispensing, interrupted welds, oscillation weld weave and circumferential ID/OD. Purchase the system and install yourself or let Mavrix design a turnkey solution for you.



  • 72” long Main X‐axis beam with 48” of travel.
  • 54” long Y‐axis weld arm with 39” of travel.
  • Gear motor driven X & Y axis with easily adjustable travel limits.
  • 4 roll wire feed system with reel for 60lb coils.
  • Control console with stand.
  • No programming required.
  • 10” adjustable welding nozzle for on the fly adjustment.
  • Contactor cable provided for connection to customer provided power supply for automatic control.
  • Torch rotary and oscillation motion available.
  • Powered vertical Z torch height adjustment available.
  • Carbide Dispensing and Sub Arc available.
  • Longer travel lengths available at a nominal charge.
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