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Car shredder rebuild system components

Car shredder rebuild system components

A portable system for shredder disc rebuilding to extend the life of your discs and reduce your cost per ton.


  • Motorized Carriage Assembly
    90 VDC gear motor ensures smooth and repeatable travel.


  • Travel Beam
    Standard beam is a 2” x 3” x 135” long structural steel zinc plated beam.


  • Wire Feeder
    The Mavrix PA-10 wire feeder & wire reel are mounted on the motorized carriage assembly.


  • Shredder Roll Rotation Motor
    A motor-gearbox turns the rotor and is controlled by the Mavrix control. Field mounting required. Includes a trip switch and rotary ground.


  • New Dual Torch Single Pendant
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Control Panel  
Using the Roll-O-Matic Series 130 main control an operator pendant is included. This 
pendant contains a voltmeter for adjustment during the weld while
keeping the operator a safe distance away.


Welding Nozzle Assembly
The copper nozzle with internal spring liner mounts off the motorized carriage wire feeder assembly. The nozzle moves with the wire feeder. The vertical adjuster allows five inches of stick-out control to handle a considerable degree of latitude in rotor size without changing the main beam support legs.

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