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Vers-O-Weld linear motion machines

Highly configurable single to three axis motion for flat and cylindrical welding.  Capable of open arc, gas shielded, sub-arc, carbide dispensing, interrupted welds, oscillation weld weave and circumferential ID/OD


Single Arm Vers-O-Weld

1) Single axis linear or step motion arm or carriage.


Vers-O-Weld 25

1) Base machine with X/Y motion

2) Includes Mavrix PA-10 (4) roll wire feeder

3) Air cooled open arc torch standard

4) wire dispensing system


Vers-O-Weld 45

1) larger beam structure

2) Open carriage design allow for long travel

3) Includes Mavrix PA-10 (4) roll wire feeder

4) Air cooled open art torch standard

5) Wire dispensing system



1) Torch oscillation

2) Torch rotation

3) Fibratory drop carbide

4) Water cooled welding torches

5) Manual sub arc

6) Pressure feed sub arc

7) Vertical Z axis motion

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