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Multi axis long travel automation vers-o-weld-45

Multi axis long travel automation vers-o-weld-45

This is the largest version of our Vers‐O‐Weld family. This particular unit is shown with a powered vertical Z torch axis. This machine can be used in longer lengths than the series 25 because it utilizes an open face carriage option that will clear support posts. We have built units with 50ft run ways. This machine is big enough that it shouldn't be considered portable. We build a closed carriage version where the beam length can be supported on the ends without risk of beam sag and travels greater than the VOW 25.


This VOW 45 was built with a set of fixtures and a chuck drive system for turn rolls and welding using a sub arc process. The open carriages were used to keep the system back from the work zone to minimize heat induced in the drive motors.
May also be equipped with automated sub‐arc and flux recovery through integration of WELD ENGINEERING CO. INC. products.

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