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OD Patch Welder  w/ Torch Oscillation

OD Patch Welder w/ Torch Oscillation

  • Welded Tubular Steel Frame
    Hand built to the customer requirements and finished with a durable industrial coating.


  • Heavy Duty Travel Beam
    A 2”x 3” structural steel zinc plated beam with integrated bearing rails and gear rack.


  • Wire Feeder
    The Mavrix PA-10 4 roll wire feeder is mounted on the motorized carriage assembly.


  • Indexing Roll Rotation Headstock
    A programable headstock allows the index angle and total number of degrees to control the stop cycle. Includes a trip switch and rotary ground.


  • Parrallel Torch Oscillation
    A mechanically adjustable oscillator with potentiometer frequency control oscillates the torch parrallel the weld arm.
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