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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Plasma Transferred Arc

Free standing PTA welding machine for integration on any motion system.


Mavrix manufactures a stand-alone PTA welding system through integration of industry leading PTA components and an innovative control design.  



1) 208, 460 & 575 VAC 3 ph. capable supply voltage

2) Precise configurable auto ignition sequences

3) Smart control handles operational interlocks

4) Manual or automated modes

5) Shut down alarm for loss of gas

6) Shut down alarm for loss of water flow or high temp.

7) 7” Color touch HMI/PLC

8) Quick disconnect water and gas connections



1) Machined billet aluminum with 70 pound capacity

2) Feed rate from ½ oz/minute to 16 pounds/hour

3)Optimized for feeding problem powers such as Titanium

4) Variable speed motor feeds from ounces/minute to pounds/minute

5) Gas feed for blanketing powder and pressurized for longer horizontal applications

6) Precision feed holds weld tolerances to thousandths of an inch

7) Dual bearing roller system for precise alignment & support of the metering wheel

8) Precision jack screws for wheel gap setting and adjustment


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