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PLC Lathes

PLC Lathes

The Mavrix multi-process horizontal lathe is capable of sub arc, open arc and gas-shielded welding processes using a single torch. An onboard second torch is ready for quick changeover for ID bore welding down to 4-inch ID. Target customers include those who remanufacture slab caster rolls, shell rolls, zinc pot rolls and mandrel bars, as well as other roll options.In 2014 Mavrix launched a line horizontal and vertical welding lathes featuring PLC-based controls.


The straightforward terminology of the PLC significantly reduces the learning curve, so operators are ready to weld in minutes. With adaptive spindle speed compensation, operators do not need to adjust wire-feed speed or spindle speed to accommodate any change in diameter. Further, dual-axis step allows for any combination of surface angle.


The highly flexible system permits the operator to develop programs by simply defining which axis will step or run when welding begins.


Complementing the PLC is a 12-inch color HMI (human machine interface) and easy-to-use open-naming convention for part configuration storage.


The Mavrix multi-process welding lathe is preconfigured for a wide variety of accessories: servo oscillator, water cooler with loss of flow sensing, pressurized flux delivery and recover and exhaust system integration. The onboard gravity flow flux hopper includes an ultra-sonic level sensor to help reduce air consumption, inform the operator when the system is low on flux and reduce the chance of flux jams within the delivery hose. Mavrix custom builds most lathe products to fit a customer’s specific product mix.

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