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Roll Cladding

Roll Cladding

Products found here include fixed welding lathes for roll welding.  Sub-arc, Open Arc or Gas shielded process capabilities


Roll Cladding Welding Machines


Our roll cladding machines are highly configurable from 1 to 3 heads and up to  6 kg capacity.



1) Rolling Headstocks with thermal compensating clamping

2)  Adjustable center tailsock on dual carriage system allows for maximum flexibility to run rolls be of differnent lengths.

3) PLC controlled machine.  Part configuration storage option.

4) Easy to use operator interface terminal mounted off the headstock.

5) Operator pendents for indepent contol of each weld head.  Independant weld start and stop

6) Direct drive servo oscillator option for wide profile weld beads.

7) Pressurized flux delivery and vacuum recovery option on most machines

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