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Roll rebuilding systems

Roll rebuilding systems

This is a simple system utilizing a tilt positioner with fixturing to hold a 1500 lb pulverizer roll. A vertical post with weld arm is used to apply welds. For larger pulverizer rolls the positioner can become quite expensive. This picture shows a typical tilt positioner with fixturing to hold CE Style rolls.


While many companies use tilt positioners for roll rebuilding there are many simpler and less expensive techniques. Most of the techniques utilize leaving the roll on the journal and welding the roll surface prior to bearing and seal replacement. A separate gearmotor with sprockets and chain or a drive shaft with universal joints can be used to turn the roll at weld speeds.


This photo shows the simple system for rotating a typical CE Pulverizer Roll. The simple roll support is fabricated to support the roll and present the welding surface horizontal. An external gearmotor with drive shaft is used to rotate the roll at welding speeds. The customer supplies a floor mounted support to hold the roll to obtain a horizontal weld line as you see in the picture. The particular roll shown here is a CE Model 923 pulverizer.

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