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Product built for internal seam welding of train tank cars


Seam welding tractor

Internal sub are train tank car seam welder with communication with customers turning rolls.


Tank Car Seam Welder Features:

1) Welded aluminum frame

2) Precision level sensor keep the cart accurately in position just before bottom dead center.

3) Removable wire feeder, sub arc hopper and wire reel for decreased weight during installation into the tank car.

4) On board flux hopper with gate valve.

5) Phenolic dual drive wheels with drive disengagement.

6) Lincoln wire feeder and sub arc nozzle.

7) Four 5460 Lx white LED lights.

8) External control with turning roll interface

    – PLC version available – Fixed program limits operator adjustment

    – Standard relay logic external control

9) On board control

     – Limited function for PLC version

     – Full function with potentiometer adjustment

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