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Single arm vers-o-weld

Single arm vers-o-weld

This is the lowest cost version of the Vers-O-Weld family and a great place to start if you only need to perform straight line or circumferential welding. Purchase this system and add your own equipment to turn your hand gun, and wire feeder into an automatic welding system. Mount the carriage and move the beam or mount the beam and move the carriage.


  • Overlay cylindrical parts rotated under a customer supplied torch. (optional step over required)
  • Straight line welds with the optional adjustable limit stops and trigger control to adjust travel distance and stop welding automatically.
  • 48” 1-1/2 inch steel beam with 90 VDC rack and pinion drive gear motor.
  • Variable travel speeds up to 45 IPM. Higher travel speeds are possible, consult factory.
  • Adjustable timer for step operations to control the rate and distance of the step.


(Photo includes option travel limit switches, step over switch and trigger cable)



  • Side Beam Version

    The side beam version of the Single Arm Vers-O-Weld provides a larger, stiffer X-axis beam for longer travel distances and provides a platform for mounting several options like our powered Z axis, the sub arc hopper kit, or carbide dispensing.

  • Standard Components Shown

    • 2 x 3 x 72” plated steel X-axis beam standard.
    • 2 x 3 x 36” fixed/adjustable Y-axis torch beam standard (10 foot X and 6 foot fixed beam shown).
    • Standard SA-VOW control box with carriage speed and direction control and step timer for use with optional step over switch.
  • Optional Components Shown

    • Powered Z-Axis allows for adjustment to torch standoff during the weld process.
    • Sub Arc hopper with manual gate valve.
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