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Torches & Contact Tips

Torches & Contact Tips

Mavrix manufactures a variety of air cooled open arc and gas shielded torch assemblies for use in out welding automation or available as an accessory for a customer to build a custom system. 


In addition to manufacturing our own brand Mavrix is also an authorized distributor of D/F Machine Specialties welding products and consumables.

  • 10” Travel Adjustable Torch:


    Fully insulated to allow for height adjustments while welding the torch is manufactured using a variety of nozzles in both curved and straight configurations. There are 6 standard configuration available.

    • 48-130-1               10” Adjustable with 32” curved nozzle (shown in photo)
    • 48-130-2               10” Adjustable with 32” curved nozzle and sleeve adapter
    • 48-130-3               5”   Adjustable with 26” curved nozzle (typically used on shredders)
    • 48-130-4               10” Adjustable with 24” straight nozzle
    • 48-130-5               10” Adjustable with 40” straight nozzle
    • 48-130-6               10” Adjustable with 36” straight nozzle


  • Gas Shielded “MIG” Torch:

    The Mavrix gas shielded torch is machined from solid brass and uses a special nozzle with internal threads and an adapter for connection to any straight nozzle or adjustable torch assembly. The drop carbide version is used with the tungsten carbide dispensing system and has a steel nozzle and ceramic cup to direct the particles into the weld pool.


  • Nozzles:

    A large variety of heavy wall copper nozzles are available for extensions or to replace those in our torch assemblies. Please see the consumables section for a complete list of standard nozzles. 

  • Tips:

    Mavrix manufactures our standard contact tip from ½ hex copper in sizes from .045 to 1/8 inch. We also manufacture a sever duty tip form CA18150 CuCrZr, chromium zirconium. Please see the consumables section for a complete listing of available contact tips.

  • DF Machine Specialties:

    For a complete listing of available products please visit their website 

    Or view the full D/F product catalog in our Support area Create a link to the DF Product Catalog PDF in support

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