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The Vers-O-Weld is a basic linear motion welding machine.  Highly configurable.


Vers-O-Weld Linear Motion Machines

Highly configurable single to three-axis motion for flat and cylindrical welding.  Capable of open arc, gas shielded, sub-arc, carbide dispensing, interrupted welds, oscillation weld weave, and circumferential ID/OD



Single Arm Vers-O-Weld

1) Single-axis linear or step motion arm or carriage.


Vers-O-Weld 25

1) Base machine with X/Y motion

2) Includes Mavrix PA-10 (4) roll wire feeder

3) Air-cooled open arc torch standard

4) wire dispensing system


Vers-O-Weld 45

1) larger beam structure

2) Open carriage design allows for long travel

3) Includes Mavrix PA-10 (4) roll wire feeder

4) Air-cooled open art torch standard

5) Wire dispensing system




1) Torch oscillation

2) Torch rotation

3) Fibratory drop carbide

4) Water-cooled welding torches

5) Manual sub arc

6) Pressure feed sub arc

7) Vertical Z-axis motion


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